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Store4U Storage Units
Cheap Storage Donegal

Self Storage Units Donegal (Letterkenny)

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24/7 Access

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Under Mica Redress Scheme*


Find out what size storage unit will suit your needs.


Pre-book to guarantee availability


Contact us online for an instant quote.

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Self Storage Units Donegal

Store4U Storage Units is a multi-award-winning self-storage company, with a storage facility now open in Donegal, beside Steeltech Sheds on the N56 at Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny. Located on the N56, between the Polestar Roundabout and the Dry Arch Roundabout, Store4U offers dry secure storage for Donegal, at the lowest monthly storage unit cost for container storage the county, ideal for home storage, business storage or student storage.
Store4U makes the price of storage units in Donegal affordable to all, with units from just €32/week. We offer real value for money, with anti-condensation insulation and 24/7 access.

Self-Storage Donegal
You can now rent self-storage units near you with just a 5-minute phone call. Our contracts are short 4-week terms that renew automatically until you decide to stop, giving you full control.

All our storage unit facilities are accessible 24 hours a day and feature live CCTV monitoring and all-night floodlighting. You can also rent storage space for car storage. Moving house is stressful enough without worrying about storage and safely transporting all your belongings. We can connect you with reliable local moving companies who will take excellent care of you and your household items. Our team is always available to assist you, and we provide an emergency response number, so you're never alone—day or night.
*Removal & Storage costs for your property must be approved by the board as part of your Mica grant amount

Contact Store4U

Store4U Storage Units Donegal
N56, Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal F92 RXW2

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Store4U Storage Letterkenny

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Store4U Self Storage Units Donegal

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