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Store4U Earns Prestigious AIBF Accreditation

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In a resounding testament to dedication, hard work, and commitment, Store4U has achieved the esteemed Business All-Star 2024 accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF). This recognition underscores the remarkable growth and success of the family-run Galway-based storage company since its inception in 2018.

The commendation document explains the factors that impressed the accreditation panel and which led to this prestigious achievement.

The Store4U Journey:

Store4U embarked on its journey in 2018 with a clear vision: to provide secure and affordable local storage solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses in the Galway region. Starting with a single storage facility in Oranmore, the company has undergone significant expansion, demonstrating remarkable growth in the highly competitive storage industry.

Investing over €2.5 million, Store4U has strategically installed over 500 self-storage units across five low-cost facilities. This expansion ensures that customers have convenient access to secure storage options, showcasing the company's commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

Key Distinctions:

A pivotal factor that distinguishes Store4U is its relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency. The company has implemented fully automated processes, encompassing everything from access to key pick-up and payment. The panel noted that these streamlined operations not only showcase a forward-thinking approach but also significantly enhance the overall customer experience.

Leadership and Vision:

The commendation document highlights the exceptional leadership of Paul Gilmartin as the CEO, Paulette Ryan as the Office Manager, and Benen Tierney as the Customer Service Manager. Their visionary guidance and strategic decision-making have played a crucial role in Store4U's success. Their leadership has been instrumental in steering the company towards growth and achievements in the competitive storage industry.

Team Dedication:

The entire Store4U team is commended for their passion, dedication, and commitment to serving customers. Each team member has been carefully selected for their customer-centric approach and determination, to continuously seek better ways to exceed customer expectations. The synergy within the team has undoubtedly contributed to the company's success.

A True Commitment to Excellence:

Store4U's recognition as a Business All-Star is a true testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, both in terms of service quality and customer satisfaction. The panel point to the company's success story and see it serving as an inspiration to others in the industry, showcasing that dedication, innovation, and a customer-focused approach can lead to significant accomplishments.


Store4U's commitment to providing secure and affordable storage solutions, coupled with a continuous drive for innovation, is described in the commendation document as truly commendable. The panel wished Store4U continued success in all future endeavors, saying the Business All-Star 2024 accreditation is not just an accolade but a recognition of Store4U's commitment to excellence in the storage industry.

The AIBF is an independent national body that identifies and acknowledges the country’s most ambitious and visionary businesses.

As the accreditation body for the Business All-Star mark, the AIBF recognises Best-In-Class Irish businesses.

The AIBF also hosts the annual All-Ireland Summit and monthly gatherings to promote peer-learning and collaboration among it’s accredited companies

Storage facility Store4U awarded Business All-Star Award
AIBF Business All-Star Award for Store4U


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