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Moving House Checklist

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Moving house is not for the faint hearted! You never realised you had so much stuff until you have to pack it up in preparation for the removal van.

Don’t worry, this Handy Moving House Checklist will help you organise your move like a pro!


The old adage from Benjamin Franklin, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” certainly applies here. It’s all about organisation and there needs to be a Project Manager in every house. Don’t leave it until moving day or even moving week, to start planning. Print off our Handy Guide to Moving House at least 8 weeks before you plan to move and check it every day to work through the process without all the stress!

8 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Buy a File Box and notepad from your local office supplies store

  • Start the de-clutter process by going through each room and taking note of what can go to charity or recycling and what you want to bring with you to your new home. Set aside the items for charity and recycling and arrange transport to the nearest recycling plant or charity shop. Make note of any fragile items that will need padded packaging and set these aside separately

  • Book a moving company. Get quotes by email, which show availability for your moving date. Print off all quotes and put them in your File Box, along with a list of items for removal

  • Organise school and personal services records to be transferred to your new services providers at your new location (Doctor, Dentist, Bank, Post Office or Credit Union Account, Gym membership etc.)

6 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Measure up larger furniture pieces and keep note for when you are planning your new home layout or for size matching a Self Storage Unit to store your belongings during the transition between homes

  • Plan your meals for the next few weeks around frozen foods already in your freezer, to ensure all perishable food is used up before moving

  • Check your oil or gas tank and use this as your primary fuel before moving. If you don’t have enough to get you through, buy a small amount or use coal or wood instead if that is an option

  • Order any packing materials required for the move, such as bubble-wrap and boxes. Don’t forget the markers and labels

4 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Inform An Post of your new address. You can do it online HERE

  • Pack items of value which you will not be putting into storage or have the moving company transport (jewellery, important documents, etc.). These boxes should be clearly marked for Personal Transportation and placed away from other packed items until moving day

  • Pack your least used items first, making note of anything that requires extra insurance

  • Label each box with its contents and the destination room in your new house

  • Pack your most used items together, label “Essentials” and leave easy access, as you may need some of these items between now and moving day. Always remember to return them to their box if removed

  • Now you know exactly how much stuff you need to move, book a moving company of your choice from the quotes you received earlier. Once again, get written confirmation of availability for your moving date, costs and other details

2 Weeks Before Moving:

  • If you are moving to a different county or city, you may want to collect valuables from current storage, like jewellery, deeds or wills. You may be moving these to local bank storage boxes or solicitor’s offices closer to your new home.

  • Purchase a Safe-Box for any valuables and lock them away, ready for personal transportation on moving day

  • Book time off work for moving day

  • Confirm your booking again with the moving company

1 Week Before Moving:

  • Check that you have adequate essential medications / prescriptions to cover you for a few weeks around the move as there may be issues with new doctors etc.

  • Pack a case for everybody in the family to cover you for the move and subsequent few days of settling in to your new home

  • Empty the last of your frozen foods and put your freezer on defrost. Allow 24 hours for it to thaw and allow time to clean it out

  • Organise to have payment (& tips) on the day for the movers, if this is their agreed policy

  • Contact the moving company again with the Eircode of your current house and of your new house or Self Storage Facility

Moving Day:

  • Check the validity of the movers when they arrive (you don’t want somebody running off with your goods). Note the vehicle registration

  • Tick off all items as they are loaded onto the truck and get a copy of the movers Inventory Sheet to cross check with your own

  • Do a final check through all rooms, sheds and garden areas to ensure you have nothing missed

  • Have a red marker to tick off all items as they are unloaded at your new home or Self Storage Unit.

Congratulations on your new home and now begin to make many more happy memories!

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