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Department of Housing Subsidises Mica Storage for Pyrite Remediation Scheme

Updated: May 31

In a ground-breaking move, the Department of Housing in Ireland has extended its support to homeowners affected by defective concrete blocks, specifically those containing mica and pyrite. The recently introduced Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme, initiated on June 22, 2023, is not only providing financial aid for remediation work but is also going the extra mile by subsidising mica storage costs during the rebuilding process.

The Defective Culprits: Mica and Pyrite

Mica and pyrite, commonly found in quarries across Ireland, have become notorious for causing structural defects in buildings. Homes constructed with concrete blocks containing excessive amounts of these minerals often exhibit cracks and other issues, necessitating extensive remediation efforts.

Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme Overview

The Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme, an upgraded version of the original initiative, targets properties in Clare, Donegal, Limerick, and Mayo. It offers financial assistance of up to €420,000 and encompasses a range of remediation options, from full demolition to rebuilding outer walls, depending on the severity of the damage.

Qualification Criteria

To be eligible for the scheme, homeowners must meet specific criteria:

- Property damage due to excessive mica or pyrite

- Residency in the designated counties

- Main residence status or registered rented property

- Construction completed before January 31, 2020

- Compliance with regulations

Extensive Coverage

The grant covers various aspects of remediation, including:

  • Professional fees

  • Building assessments

  • Approved remediation works

  • Alternative accommodation

  • Removal and storage costs

  • Essential repairs

  • Utility reconnections

  • VAT

Enhanced Benefits of the Scheme

Noteworthy enhancements in the new scheme include:

- A 40-year guarantee for future rebuilds

- A revised application process with no financial barriers

- An independent appeals process

Application Process and Transition

Applying for the scheme involves obtaining a building condition assessment report, priced between €500 to €750, and applying to the local authority. The Housing Agency assesses applications, determines remediation options, and communicates the grant amount. Those who previously applied under the original scheme will seamlessly transition to the enhanced scheme.

Funding and Additional Support

The Department of Housing also introduced the Defective Concrete Products Levy, a 5% levy on concrete products, to fund the grant scheme. Additionally, the Pyrite Remediation Scheme, managed by the Pyrite Resolution Board, covers 100% of repair costs for properties significantly damaged by pyrite.

Learn More

For detailed information on the Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme, homeowners are encouraged to visit the Department of Housing's website and reach out to local authorities. The scheme promises not only financial assistance but also comprehensive support, ensuring affected homeowners can rebuild their lives with confidence and security.

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Pyrite Remediation Scheme Covers Storage Unit

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