Store4U Self-Storage Galway

Store4U is a new self-storage centre in Galway. We offer flexible self storage solutions for the general public and businesses on a long or short term lease.

All our Self-Storage units are 20ft x 8ft offering you plenty of space.

Self-Storage Galway

Self-Storage Containers Galway

Safe & Secure Access 24/7

Our gated storage complex can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We use the most advanced security systems and monitoring to ensure our premises and your items are safe and secure at all times.

Equipment Storage

Your business may use machinery and equipment that is vital to your business but not in use or needed at your own premises everyday, with a Self Storage unit from Store4U, you can keep this equipment or machinery off-site but access it when you need it and free up useful and expensive space at your business premises.

Stock Storage

When you are running a small or large business, you may have the need for extra space to store stock or to make better use of the space you have at your own premises. A Storage Unit from Store4U is the perfect way to store extra stock and create more space for €5 per day. If you are a business owner struggling with finding space for surplus or

Bulk Storage

If your business needs storage space for large or bulky goods, Store4U has a solution. Our containers are 20ft long by 8ft wide with 8ft wide loading for pallets, large boxes or large trolleys. If one container isn’t large enough, we can offer you multiple units beside each other.

Storage for Trades People

Store4U is located just outside Galway City in Oranmore. If you are a tradesman working in Galway City, we can offer you a storage unit to store materials or tools at a fraction of the cost of a warehouse or premises.

Storage while moving Office or Business

Moving your business or office is stressful. Store4U can make the transition from your old to new premises a little less stressful. Store the contents of your business and office in Store4U Self Storage while moving and ensure your costly goods are safe and secure befire being moved into your new office/premises.

Storage while moving House

Moving House is often a very long and frustrating experience. Store4U can make this process easier. Use our Storage Units as a temporary storage solution for some or all of the following items; Furniture, Clothes, Beds, Household Electronics & Lawn equipment.

Document Storage

There are many rules and regulations around the retention of documents in business. If you are required to store documents for a number of years but don’t want to cramp up your office, store your documents in a secure and dry storage unit from Store4U and access these document when and if you need them.